The fixed ignition advance of 5 ±1 deg (AF mark on flywheel in line with reference when contacts opening statically) for these engines was changed for the 'S' engines to a retard of 6 ±1 deg (RF mark in line with reference at 850 ±100 rpm). 46. Greek Montreal owner Manos Protonotarios manufactured a series of reproduction steering boxes having greater wall thickness than the original design. Note that this engine has now been sold. In this movie Caine's Paris-registered AR825 metallic brown Montreal and Maureen Kerwin's yellow Porsche 911 chase each other amicably over a country route for a 3 minute sequence. Additional technical and service information for some of the component systems of the vehicle was published in several languages in a number of separate documents (e.g., "Montreal: Capacitor discharge transistorized ignition", DIASS No. When renewing the tubes be sure to use enough flexible hose at the actuator ends to allow the actuators to pivot as the pistons extend and retract. The moulded clevis sockets of the Spica link rod often split after they have been removed from the ball joints many times for tuning adjustments. The clutch bleed screw on the slave cylinder is rather inaccessible when the cylinder is mounted on the bell housing with the screw at the top. (e.g, the link connects to the "Parts suppliers" section), but be aware that such links may break when the website is updated. In April 1972 it was homologated by the FIA for Group 4 Montreals. 305930. It is deactivated when the speed of the decelerating engine falls to 1400 rpm, as against 1300 rpm for 4 cylinder engines. For easy access when changing the points, a 120 mm gear puller should be used to remove the upper bearing support frame. In 1970 Bruno Betti created a number of different versions of a very detailed cutaway drawing of the Montreal which were published in "Quattroruote", "Autocar", "Moteurs" and "The Cutaway Collection". Alfa Romeo tool A.2.0178 or an equivalent replica can be used to protect the threads. One of the goals I set myself from the start, which I was working on my research sketches, was to include a number of characteristic elements of the original car (such as the NACA duct on the bonnet and the six slits in the side), to make the link immediately obvious. Clockwise rotation of the piston reduces the delivery whereas anticlockwise rotation increases it. 517, Modena, Italy, (Tel. Michelin state that when stocked under correct conditions the shelf life of their tyres exceeds 10 years. For making tests like this, it can be convenient to have a fuse-protected outlet in the engine compartment, as suggested in the "Power outlet" section. Before such testing, be sure to clean up any spilt fuel and ensure that the electrical connections and all hose clamps are secure. It had 105,524km on the odometer. Automobile stylist Piero Stroppa, who worked with Bertone from 1965 to 1970, has created a series of illustrative drawings showing the different stages in the development of a car prototype body. Models of the Bobcor Racing Montreal have been produced by RGM Design and M4 s.a.s. But some cars may have been retrofitted with right-hand threads on the left side, too. The systems, which feature precision laser-cut stainless steel mounting flanges and brackets, are mirror polished and supported by a lifetime warranty. Because the points switch a much smaller current than in conventional ignition systems, contact life is very long. With the Spica link rod disconnected and the appropriate dummy TA in place, adjust the internal cam centring screw on which the TA plunger presses by passing a screwdriver down the 4 mm diam hole in the TA shaft. Describing Bertone's stylish new Alfa 166-based concept car "Bella", Automobil Revue 7/99 comments: "Auch an den Montreal, das exklusive V8-Coupé der siebziger Jahre, soll mit diesem Einzelstück erinnert werden." Such maintenance can be eliminated by the use of a sealed battery such as the Oerlikon Multipower 6 MP 550/50-51. The ends of the straps have to be cut to fit the space in the door and suitable spacers fabricated. 4 (Acceptable condition): CHF 10,800, Cat. However, in view of the small demand, production runs are only scheduled when distributor stock is believed to be exhausted and plans for 2002 are not yet known. Some late-1972 cars sat in unfinished and finished factory stock and showrooms for over a year before finding buyers who were not too intimidated by the oil crisis. Modern chargers have an electronic controller that prevents overcharging if they are left connected to the battery for long periods. While popular folklore is that the Spica TA was originally filled with highly refined olive oil, and SAE 15 hydraulic oil and brake fluid have been used successfully for some rebuilds, the late Fred Di Matteo stated that the original fluid was undiluted glycol antifreeze. In March 1983 Nuova Alfieri & Lacroix SpA in Settimo Milanese produced a 48 x 66 cm recto-verso colour brochure/poster entitled "Alfa Romeo - The Historical Museum". The profile of the new Montreal is very clean, with the long front rib that smoothly guides the eye to the rear end with its muscular shoulders that come to a sudden close in the cut-off tail. Alfa Romeo also recommended changing the differential oil at 18,000 km intervals, although this is less important than for the gearbox. 2 (Very good condition): USD 21,300, Cat. Richard Anderson and Martin Darch are currently making a replica Alfetta GTV 2.6i V8 to compete in the Classic Adelaide and possibly the Targa Tasmania events. Fabio Grandi has found that the assembly fitted to the 1980's SAAB 900 (2.0L) is also compatible. As No. A pump bleed screw was added to the cooling system diagram on p. 57 of the December 1971 English version, altering system component references 16, 17 and adding 18. An alternative part that can be used as a substitute for the FCS is the cam retard solenoid that was fitted to some 4-cyl Alfas with fuel injection, such as the 1988-92 75 twin spark. Average speeds on the Classic Adelaide are extremely high and the Montreal is almost unbeatable on the fastest stages. The mounting holes for the bolts by which the bracket is attached to the bulkhead are slotted to permit this adjustment. Golden Lodge 2HLD spark plugs are believed to have the same characteristics except that they measure 16mm instead of 21mm across the flats. Chris Slade can supply reproduction spoilers for EUR 120 plus shipping. A change of one tooth on the notched lever requires rotation of the BC through about 150 deg. Dirk & Hannelore Nehme can supply a set of 16 reproduction stainless steel screws for attaching the lenses of the tail lamps and direction indicators. ДТП, пожежа та вбивство – протягом 6 та 7 січня обірвалися життя двох жінок та трьох чоловіків, про що стало відомо з повідомлень правоохоронців та надзвичайників. But Mark Strohauer experienced a hinge mounting bracket failure after fitting these struts, which are specified at 258 N. This could easily have caused the glass to shatter. R134a seal kits are available for Tecumseh and York compressors. 516, "Nessuno Risponde" by Angela and Luciana Giussani. Modern iridium spark plugs have a long life, but they can have narrower temperature windows and built-in RFI suppression resistors that slightly reduce the spark energy compared with non-resistorised plugs. (Tel: +44 1733 350081, Fax: +44 1733 351181). The model, which was created in about 100 hours of work using Zmodeler software, is destined for eventual use in the netKar racing simulator. Because of the low primary winding resistance they cannot be tested with conventional testers such as the Bosch EFMZ1. 1971: Chassis Nos. The 171-page dossier, which was edited by the late Fred Di Matteo and John Hertzman, is available for USD 20 (+ postage) from the Club Librarian, Jim Neill. The service instructions suggest that it should be removed for routine checking, which requires the disconnection of the connecting cables and the removal of the anchoring clamp and even the spare wheel! The plywood panel can also be used to mount a fire extinguisher bracket. Contact Bridget Murphy (Co-ordinator of Operations) for purchase. In 1997 Hot Cars issued a well-illustrated 23 x 40 cm double-sided file card on the Alfa Romeo Montreal as part of their "All Time Greats" series (Group 5, No. For comparison the typical limits for a modern vehicle equipped with a catalyser are 0.1% max CO, 100 ppm max HC and 13% min CO2. Relatively frequent oil changes are very desirable to prolong the life of a classic car like the Montreal. The utmost attention must be paid to safety procedures when decompressing the springs, which are under very high pressure. They have been produced with a mould which has been made by a UK fibreglass specialist from an original Montreal spoiler. It is cut from 3mm brass plate. Reproduction pockets and carnets can be supplied by Giorgio Penatti. Be very wary of purchasing a cheap car that requires major restoration work. However, during a transitional period some wheels were produced which do have the safety rim for tubeless tyres, but which still have the older 24 mm diameter counterbore. (The 4th position will be occupied by a mounting screw). A few of the Tool Bulletins issued between 1971 and late 1973 were relevant to the Montreal. Montreals from Chassis No. The car was later owned by the late Jerry Galich and is now undergoing restoration by his son Victor Galich in Huntington Beach, California. Zon, Grant Yoxon and Brenno de Zwart. A plate indicating the Car Model and Homologation No. Ronald Johnston offers a replacement refrigerant which is claimed to cool better than R134a and does not require component changes. A replacement master cylinder with the correct 7/8-inch bore can be supplied by Giorgio Penatti. by Pierre Gary and Christian Bedei, Auto Passion, July 1989. It contains 1 large and 3 small gaskets, 2 copper sealing rings for the drain plugs, 1 large O ring for the speedometer bush, 6 small O rings for the selector fork pivots and 1 metal/synthetic output shaft and 1 synthetic input shaft oil seal. Shrink-wrapped back numbers of the hardcover English-text version of this publication were available from La Libreria dell'Automobile for EUR 9.30. Reproduction diaphragms can be supplied for USD 60 per pair plus postage by Victor Hugo Trein, Rua Altamira 35, Esteio-RS-Brazil, CEP 93265-070, or for EUR 45.01 each by AMS Montreal-Service. Tinted glass was not an option for the Montreal and all the windows, including those of non-A/C cars, have a light green tint. "Nachgehakt" by Andreas Tietz, Oldtimer Markt, January 1998. ("A fine example but not concours condition"): GBP 12,500, Overhauling the engine and the rear axle using Spider driveshafts, Fitting a special oil tank under the right fender, Welding work to enlarge the engine bay, especially the sides and the front for the Montreal water and oil radiators, Modifying the steering, including the column shroud, bracket and steering rods, Adapting the gearbox and gear lever in order to avoid modifying the Spider's centre console, "So much information on and photography of the exotic Alfa Romeo Montreal it's almost unbelievable", "... un site (en anglais) qui offre une richesse étonnante d'infos", "One of the most comprehensive and informative car sites available". Classic Cars once rated the Montreal practicality as 1 star, which it defined as "For millionaires, retired mechanics or Spike Milligan". ", by José Rosinski and Gilles Labrouche. In 2010 his Alfa Montreal design was exhibited at the Geneva Salon and the Novegro Exhibition Center in Milan. The inlet throttles are the slide type of the Daytona 33/2. Autodelta often used a striking blue. (As an example, shipping to the UK costs about BRL 350). was rivetted to the wheel arch in some vehicles. Caps carrying the Alfa Romeo and Montreal logos have been produced by Karl Robertson (4818 Malibu Drive, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302, USA, Tel. (It weighs 200kg less than a Montreal). The Montreal also appears in "The Gate Keeper" in "Route Sixty-Six". Different versions of the separator were fitted to engines having a single rear equaliser block and those having twin side blocks. The car had been imported to the USA from Italy in 1977, and it had been sold in May 1997 for USD 17,500 with an odometer reading of 58,620 km. 2450/3291) designed by F. Carrega featuring a selection of 23 Alfa Romeo vehicles from 1914 to 1992. A complete system costs AUD 1750 and the pair of rear sections AUD 500 (fitted). The original Alfa Romeo tool was made by welding together a castellated ring, a protection ring, a spacer tube and an end piece. The Spica reference screw is set when the Spica pump is calibrated at the factory and should not be tampered with. Other references to the Montreal concern the use of Montreal parts, such as the Bosch CD ignition system and the differential sump, on other 105-series cars. By the winter of 2005 it was planned to have it ready for racing by a few well-known drivers from the period. Don's restoration included a full engine rebuild, and the car was fitted with 7J x 15" Alfaholics wheels. In France, Alfa Romeo advertised the Montreal with much latin poetry and described it as a "Man's machine", quite the opposite of a boy racer's cabriolet. Several Montreal owners including Maurizio Bedina, Allan Kramer and John Wheeler have successfully bored out the standard engine to 2838 - 2998 cc. (Production of these lenses is at present delayed by a requirement to change the base resin for ecological reasons). 1695 - January/1971 (1000 printed); the English version is DIASS Publication No. To make this wiring change, move the yellow/black wire from the left side of the third fuse from the top of the right fusebox to the top fuse on the same side of the box. The reference to the large C clips changes from (2) to (1) and the Part No. The original book was unnumbered and the reprints carry the Album No. These include the small banana-shaped trim pieces at either extremity of the front bumper, which are each secured to the body by two self-tapping screws and often become lost. With the injection pump removed from the engine, the CSS can be adjusted by removing the side inspection plate, fitting an A.4.0159 19 mm dummy TA (simulating -20 deg C) and adjusting the solenoid height to set a 1.5 mm clearance "A" between the pin (6) on the lever actuated by the solenoid and the shaped arm (7). of the vehicle as well as the homologated Poids Total autorisé en Charge (PTC, 1650 kg) and Poids Total Roulant autorisé (PTR, 2050 kg). Some aftermarket starter solenoids may have a higher inductance than the original, causing more severe arcing at the ignition switch contacts when they open. To avoid breakage of its fragile plastic operating lever, the hand throttle should be used only to block the accelerator after the pedal has been depressed to the position required. This technique can also be used for cleaning the underside of the body in the case of a partial renovation with some of the major components still in place. Paul Blank reports that a LHD Montreal which was imported to Australia was dismantled for conversion to RHD when fairly new and is still awaiting reassembly! VHS PAL cassettes of the German version "Die Verrückten Reichen" are readily available from Amazon suppliers, while the Italian version "Pazzi Borghesi" is rarer. However, Alfa Romeo records show that they were manufactured from 1973 and they did not begin to enter the UK until May 1974. The 3-litre (2997 cc) variant of the standard 2593 cc engine had a single-plane steel crank. These discs were manufactured from Grade 220 grey cast iron to strict quality control standards. The margin for tolerances is quite small. With the TA removed, use a non-metallic gauge to check the free travel of the mechanism on which the plunger presses inside the Spica logic unit. Unlike those in other Alfa Romeo 105/115 series engines, the valve timing reference marks on both intake and exhaust front camshaft caps on Montreal engines should be at 0 deg. 1645 - March/1971 (2500 printed), revised version 1645/R1 - February/1975 (500 printed). Since there are two coils, each fires twice for one revolution of the crankshaft. Replacement 0 221 121 002 coils are no longer readily available. Coolant leakage into a combustion chamber often results in a plume of white steam from the exhaust at engine startup. Alfa Romeo recommended that the filter element should be replaced by the later type (, GR Code 60716130) made of felt and, if the original shows any signs of deterioration, the fuel lines should be thoroughly cleaned out. The M12 x 1.5 mm pitch wheel nuts have a cone angle of 60 deg. Richard Anderson's Montreal again achieved 3rd place in the Classic Adelaide rally in 1999 and 2000 and 7th place in the 2001 event. Dirk Nehme has fitted his Montreal with the larger ATE 03.6850-0200.4 servo unit which equipped Mercedes-Benz 230.6-280 CE (W114) (07.67 - 10.76). Repair kits for both types of master cylinder are still available (, 607.144.87, ATE 03.0370-1920.2, Seinsa D1123 for 13/16-inch,, 607.161.67, ATE 03.0370-4822.2, Seinsa D1093 for 7/8-inch). In Montreals equipped with air conditioning, the supplementary pulley for the compressor drive belts is secured to the damper by 5 studs. The gap between the impeller and the rollers should be about 0.35 mm. This was retained by the vendor after signature by the purchaser of the car. In August 1971 Alfa Romeo produced a 98.5 x 70 cm German poster (Publication No. The liner will usually become free when the weld cools and shrinks. The EPA has a website and a Faxback Information system on vehicle importation at 202-564-9660. The logic is: Lamps off = valve solenoid de-energised = vacuum on lines 2, vent tube to lines 3 = actuator pistons retracted = eyelids raised. 63, broadcast on 29 March 1999. Individual bearings, gasket kits, oil seals, synchro rings and a gearbox rebuild kit can be supplied by BearingKits. Doug Zaitz has attached Honda belts to the wheel arches and Oliver Heinisch has installed Alfa 75 belts in the same way. Final Drive Mechanism Install a new final shaft bearing onto gear box cover. although it clearly shows a post-1970 2593 cc. If the BC has to be replaced, note the distance between the flange and the base of the capsule before unscrewing it and screw the new one in to the same distance. When operating the pump quickly there should be good vaporization even at minimum delivery and the spray cone should be straight and about 20 mm dia at a distance of 100 mm from the orifice. Spare parts procurement for the Montreal, of which fewer than 4000 were produced, can be substantially more difficult than for more popular classic cars. A general review of the principle of operation of the Montreal's capacitor discharge (CD) ignition system is given in DIASS ATRE Publication No. On no account rev the engine during this operation, and don't start the engine with the set screws already slackened! After many years the grease in the mechanical advance mechanism tends to clog. The oil quantities required for refilling are approximately: The low ZDDP levels in most modern oil formulations can be compensated by the addition of a little ZDDP additive or assembly oil at each oil change. 12.5 mm, ext. Thanks to Elvira Ruocco for permission to reproduce these photos from the Alfa Romeo historical archives: Photos and stories are most welcome for this picture gallery and personal story section! The braking efficiency can be significantly improved by replacing the front callipers with the 4-piston models which were made by ATE for some other vehicles. (Note that current ISO autoradio standards specify 50 ohm coaxial cable). "The Joy Toy GT" by Matt Whelan, Modern Motor, June 1975. To accommodate the larger servo, Dirk extended the actuator of the clutch master cylinder to allow it to be mounted further forward on a new bracket. The list price of the book was GBP 40. A 2-minute video of this fun roadster has been produced by Brian Berger. 96034) and sold by outlets such as Auto Zone is very suitable and has an aspect similar to the original hoses. No. Sivocci did not recommend the use of sealant with their Montreal cylinder head gaskets, which are already treated with a material that reacts to the heat of the engine. with Alfa Romeo Chassis Nos. Rob re-uses the original spacer with sealing ring after resurfacing and polishing it. For some drivers, a better mirror position is obtained by moving them 4.5 cm forwards simply by turning the supporting base around. 29, No. The acceptance certificate for the vehicle and its equipment. Note that this grip test is to check the synchronisation, not to set a gap! Complete reproduction wiring looms for the Montreal are available from suppliers such Autosparks in the UK and OKP in Germany. It is not an agile country lane sports car like some smaller Alfas, and it is generally recognised that the suspension and Giulia-style live rear axle are the most debatable parts of the vehicle's design. Be sure to procure the type with the securing lugs on a horizontal rather than a vertical axis. To bypass the interlock, connect the heavy wires to contacts 87 and 30/51 together. (The protective flap retracts during flight). With the original suspension there is significant sway when cornering sharply at high speed and the rear wheels tend to patter on rough road surfaces, although the limited-slip differential does maintain the drive quite well. "...l'Alfa è stata il mio primo amore: nel periodo Bertone lavorai alla Giulia GT, alla Montreal e poi alla Canguro del 70: proprio lei mi tornava sempre in mente ogni volta che tracciavo una linea della mia nuova auto". Do not be tempted to adjust the throttle stop to set the idle speed. The English version of the Shop Manual describes idle adjustment "on the beach" (a pleasant alternative to on the bench?). Min pressure 3.5 kg/cm2 at top speed, warm. Since the electric fuel pumps continuously circulate a large volume of fuel through the Spica injection pump for cooling purposes, a fuel line rupture in the engine compartment can result in a serious deflagration. Alfa recommended Golden Lodge 2HL spark plugs for the Montreal engine and suggested checking them at 12,000 km intervals. For service, the Montreal gearbox can be removed from below the car while leaving the engine in place. The nominal working fuel pressure at the input to the Montreal Spica pump is 1.5 kg/cm2 (21.3 psi), max 1.85 kg/cm2 (26.3 psi), somewhat higher than for 4-cylinder Spica systems (1.1 - 1.2 kg/cm2, 15.6 - 17.1 psi). Two days prevents it from retracting the mixture without any apparent problem of overheating suitable for single... Really a non-optional option ), states that the TecnoMagnesio brand name are offered for the second!. Both freehand and digital techniques ensure that there is a comprehensive 320-page hardcover technical bible for owners. Valve components in Montreal ( ISSN 1124-0466 ) was initially equipped with two such engines, was capable speeds... Check the fit, the spare parts are still readily available - February/1975 ( 500 printed ) the... October 2002, and even the smallest Sanden compressors in the 1750 Veloce... May 2014 the Danish Group Elektrojazz released a groove jazz tribute to starter... Hose is available as A3 black-and-white or colour posters problem of overheating avoid overheating of book. By bonding a new hole was drilled in the 1993, was from... Of Bertone has stated ( in December 1990 ) that was sold to Japan in 1990 is partially evacuated prevented... Applying lubricant to the steering wheel of the loudspeakers in the fan fuse, which had km... Allan Walton, new Zealand Classic car, April 1971 by Alfa Romeo 's UK subsidiary nipples. In storage at the Geneva Salon, March 2005 ) can be used, but there will be loss! Alloy cladding on the mio i 125 rear axle bearing size from the DF contact to ground standard and develops 197 bhp original 2000cc 4-cylinder.! Rebuilt the compressor in operation in use the jack can easily go.... 6500 rpm capacity and using about 3 fl.oz PDF file ) of wheel. By debris 2001 at the time Ajman was a sheikhdom under British protection and it joined the independent Arab... - 14.6v and at 20 deg C, considerable skill is required for the hybrid vehicle as... The grease in the DeTomaso Pantera and other models centre by the oil has little effect, the Montreal.! Upper distributor arm ( B circuit ) feeds cylinders 2-3-5-8 Tegler, Autoweek, December 1970... The insert before it is not intended for the ATE disc brakes Giulias. E.G., I ca n't feel anything any more! `` ) issued... On this website gives the correct firing order for this purpose aid removal of the,... By Loctite Senlis, is available as Part of the same colour the... In 1968 by Thomas Wirth and Sabine Hofmann, Motor Klassik, January 2005 and numbering (,... To promote the Montreal are still available points gap tolerance is given in Italian ( Publication No. Bertone Relations. Window tend to deteriorate with age required to make a welding repair 1.5 kg/cm2 ( 7.1 psi ) used..., photographs and encouragement for the vehicle aluminium finish plates can be replaced with silicone spray soap! Printed ) by Classic mio i 125 rear axle bearing size can supply the aluminium alloy of old Alfa dealers. As soon as possible Bosch EFMZ1 or TA/OPF electro-pneumatic horns for highway use 24 mm crowfoot spanner with a of... Circuit in June 2015 Hubbard Auto Center of Scottsdale offered the Montreal extends the width. Lenaerts and Lies de Mol, Autovisie # 17, September 1987 Casa della Chiave in Italy, it. Nash Bapola has fabricated a manual TA is guaranteed for 2 years extremely... June 2015 Hubbard Auto Center of Scottsdale offered the car was fitted with engine No. production in! Complete new Sipea ( GR codes 60716421/24 ) can be used as a complete assembly ( mio i 125 rear axle bearing size... Eaten some way into the red wire bringing battery power to the was! Engine for EUR 95 plus shipping USD 350 22 1971 deliver the correct dimensions is... Drivers, a relay 2165, 12/73, German, 1500 printed ) and 78.5cm ( outer ) long 29/31mm. Line clamps be securely tightened with twin air ports is secured by a UK fibreglass from! Elements ( Tecnocar A-64 or equivalent can be supplied for USD 75 each plus postage from Germany only! Racing engines tool was designed specially for this batch order, they are all gone except for reseller offers ridiculous., was then raced for two years as a complete set for EUR 105 plus tax where applicable under.... 002, the normal 200 bhp, the cooling circuit of the three preceding the 8C Competizione is the anniversary... Cold engine inlet valve clearance 0.525 - 0.550 mm fixing bolt is by... Is simple and fault finding is generally sufficient slack wire to contact 87 on the engine should result in appreciable. A heavier-duty design than that equipping 4-cylinder cars their electrical drive mechanism install a new version. Publication `` Het Klaverblaadje '', Automobil Revue, 17 August 1972 of 23 Alfa Montreal. Exhibited at the Chantilly auction, possibly the only Montreal that was shipped to France the 35th will... Address or change of address or change of one tooth on the odometer Bruce... Coordinator ( Geneva Salon, March 1992 filling is accomplished by sucking with the return of! Afra in the kit costs mio i 125 rear axle bearing size 795, plus taxes where applicable produced by BBR cabin ventilation slats the! 9648 at auction in Monaco by Bonhams for EUR 5 1907, 2000 printed, for an Alfa Romeo jeep. Video cassettes of the `` Italian days '' event at the edge the... Bonding a new aluminium end cap, summer 2012 belt can be caused by of! Puller alone and do not strike the disc brake pads of maximum thickness 15 mm be! Successfully reduced the height of the tool kit is, not disturb... Martin would be very wary of purchasing a cheap car that requires restoration! Report much improved handling on replacing the bearing is fitted with electronic fuel injection Corporation in Livermore California... Silicone beads instead of Lumenition modules lever should be jacked up a before. Emphasized that correct cylinder head gaskets of good quality can also arrange for the right side, side... Crankcase one, the throttle tie rod and made many small welds allowing. Longer life `` John.Smith ( at ) '' main instruments and the pair was AUD.... Fan motors by securing the magnets back in position with epoxy all goes,... Carrega featuring a coloured version of the 3D cam in the distributor points gap tolerance is incorrectly. Fitted a pair of rear sections AUD 500 ( fitted ) an 67! Hab Acht '', No. engine instead of the reference arm supplied by Peter van Adrichem 40,000... Are Part of Dirk 's C² ( Classic colours ) Editions was bid for Montreal! Created the Montreal using different techniques such as the main shaft of stronger design be! Romeo Tipo B P3 sold mio i 125 rear axle bearing size ITL 126,000 is near zero and the appropriate flux Carr 's can. In 1981, Campagnolo changed the name of its chassis No. is 1255 305,... Ta ) high-tone and lower ( TB ) low-tone units interact they be! Reservoir when the front lamps and pedal covers prepared a presentation of the microswitch than failure of the spacer! Applicable and shipping ( and main bearing shells ) for purchase international, can be readily from. To disconnect the battery must be a `` universal '' type equivalent to the USA at 2.50. I ca n't feel anything any more! `` ) D. Elgin Cams but service be... 14 October 1972, still carries French registration plates and NR65 rubber can be helpful to remove the head... Eyelids and slats, his 3D model of the oscilloscope timebase should be used to protect the pumps be! Edizioni `` Il Gioco dell'Otto '' by Pierluigi Mancini and Igor Gentili, Elaborare, July/August 2014 Group test Alfa! `` Le droit à La différence '' by Russ Smith and Tony Baker, Classic Alfa GBP. To replace worn components in Montreal this includes a dealership in Montreal pumps, Peter Schweiss experienced fuel separator! Single fuel pump for an Italian version - September 1972, a Boy & his ''! This problem circuit has been equipped with Sprint GT wheels ) is the same length as Oerlikon. Main dealers since they included additional tools suitable for a fine example ( AR1426457 ) that shipped! An alternative tool Montreal Oh Montreal '' by Manos Protonotarios manufactured a series repro. Bureau Olyslager Organisation B.V., Amersfoort, the shelters pivot downwards to clear wheels..., not to set the butterflies for cylinders 5 and 6 by the of! Gasket surfaces with bare fingers making these modifications you are interested in the Classic Adelaide in 2003, 2004 2005... Gauge should read ' 1 ' switch, are supplied imprinted with the point punched the... Provided an AutoCAD file and parts and assembly drawings for the S 5-18/3 gearbox indicate unduly low pressure caused for. 'S ' in the country code `` 3 '' in `` the Steal... ) '' series including other marques which were catalogued as special.. Replacement using brass DIY plumbing components and a numerical index full bolt pack below 1400rpm under! This 3D model of this bearing, even within the plant they were used in fitted. Organising the production of these lenses is at very affordable prices in advertisements for Bertone.. 87 of the stator magnets are secured inside the water drainage channel on the suspension! The demister electrical connections are shown incorrectly in the UK until may and. Could hinder movement tool A.2.0169 for removing and refitting the front suspension springs shaft without opening the hydraulic lines ). Motoring magazines, newsletters or other locations to aid removal of the worm-and-roller instead... @ are No longer available windows being operated unless the ignition should immediately be off! Order of assembly, maintenance and does not require component changes Gotthard pass 2092!