A sector is said to be a part of a circle made of the arc of the circle along with its two radii. The portion of the circle's circumference bounded by the radii, the arc, is part of the sector. Ex 12.2, 14 Tick the correct answer in the following : Area of a sector of angle p (in degrees) of a circle with radius R is (A) /180 2 R (B) /180 R2 (C) /360 2 R (D) /720 2 R2 Area of a sector = /360 2 Where = angle , r = radius of circle Here, we have = p and radius = R Putting these values in formula Area of sector = /360 2 = /360 2 But , these is no such option … The arc can be drawn in three types 0 (default) a solid line, 1 a dashed line, 2 filled between arc and vectors. Arc length is a fraction of circumference. Calculates the area, circular arc and chord of a circular sector given the radius and angle. When we know the radius "r" of the circle and arc length "l": A larger part occupied by two radii is called the major sector. If the sector is folded to form a cone. On joining the endpoints with the center, two sectors will be obtained: Minor and Major. Solution Show Solution. When we know the radius r of the circle and arc length l: Area of the sector = (l ⋅ r) / 2. The area of the shaded sector can be determined using the formula StartFraction measure of angle Z Y X Over 360 degrees EndFraction (pi r squared). The circumference is always the same distance from the centre - the radius. Sector of a circle . A circular sector is a wedge obtained by taking a portion of a disk with central angle theta