Hevy signaled the two with a droid attack flare, which led to the two engaging in a battle with the commando droids. [6], Fives and Hardcase undergo a secret mission against Krell's orders, Following a failed attempt at reaching the Umbaran capital, Fives and the rest of the 501st then held their ground against increasing enemy resistance. They were interrupted by clones sent by Krell to fetch Fives and Jesse. Krell devised a terrible plan to destroy the Umbaran supply ship. Megan Crouse. Under the tutelage of your old mentor, Admiral Yularen, you’re determined to make history as the youngest admiral out there. However, a passing comment from AZ-3 revealed that the Kaminoans in fact intended to wipe his brain and reassign him to maintenance. A collection of NSFW and SFW drabbles centred around the characters featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, so if you are under 18, please scroll to something in this work that is age appropriate or meets your comfort level. During the campaign, he played a key role in both the capture of the Umbaran airbase and the destruction of the Separatist supply ship. The clones discussed what to do with Krell, and finally decided that he was too dangerous to be kept alive. The clones put Krell in the brig, where the former Jedi revealed that he was a Sith. [25], It is requested that this article section. The quick-thinking ARC trooper saved himself by hurling a thermal detonator into the beast’s maw. He said that he felt that his actions were justified, and that clones, as people, shouldn't follow orders when they know the orders are wrong. Once they lured many of the droids into an optimal position, Rex ordered the cadets out of the pods, where they opened fire into the crowd of droids from above. As a result, Fives participated in their efforts to capture the fallen Jedi. Eye color Share to iMessage. Human (clone)[1] [3], Fives made friends and developed close relationships with many of the other members of the 501st, including Captain Rex, Tup, Jesse, Kix, Hardcase, and Echo. In the battle, their shuttle was destroyed, which allowed them to escape from the commandos without being followed. Clone Wars. The clones decided to assist one another in free-climbing the turrets along the sides of the Citadel to complete their task. Tan[4] The popular belief isn't always the correct one. However, Tup's convoy was ambushed by droid forces and he was taken to a portion of the space station occupied by them. [16], Led by Rex, the furious remainder of the two battalions returned to the airbase with the intent of arresting General Krell for treason against the Republic. Saddened by the news, 99 revealed that he had Hevy's graduation medal, which had been a gift between the two clones, to Fives and Echo. Echo commonly used a DC-15 Blaster Pistol blaster in battle, also donning several Thermal Detonatorson his person during some missions. Nonetheless, the force made their way through the facility and freed Piell, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, and multiple captive clone officers. [24] Fives's affection and loyalty to his clone brothers would overshadow his commitment to the Republic and the war effort. Together with AZ-3, Fives was able to determine that the tumor itself was in fact an artificially designed organic chip inserted into Tup's head. The clones, realizing that they held a greater loyalty to justice and each other than their general, fired, but missing, then lowered their weapons and refused to carry out Krell's orders. However, El-les opted for them to take the test one final time. Under $50.00 - apply Price filter. This clearly affected Fives, as he and Echo were great friends. Following the initial assault from Separatist commando droids, Fives, Echo, Cutup, and Hevy managed to escape the base through the ventilation shaft and emerged onto the moon's surface. Fives, Rex, and the rest of the 501st leadership debated what to do with the dangerous rogue Jedi they now held captive. Once they arrived there, Rex and Cody arrived there as well. It ended when Tup, with the help of a native vixus, managed to deceive and detain the mad general long enough to stun him. Following the successful defense of Kamino, he joined the ranks of the elite Advanced Recon Commandos along with CT-1409 "Echo," the only other survivor of the attack on Rishi Station. [3], Captain Rex and Fives participate in the rescue of Jedi General Even Piell, Fives and the others made their escape across Lola Sayu's shadowy landscape, fighting Sobeck's battle droids and being tracked by his anoobas. Copy link to clipboard. When Rex hesitated to kill his former general, a distraught Dogma fired the killing blow. Cooperating better than they had previously, and even showing advanced ingenuity, they successfully passed. Skywalker, Rex, and Fives were sent in a shuttle to investigate, where they concluded that the Separatists must have taken Tup and that they also must have been responsible for his crazy actions. Echo made it to the ramp but at the same time the ship was hit and exploded. Later in the war, following Fives death, Rex kept a holographic picture of himself, Cody, Fives and Echo, which he looked at and reminisced about during the Battle of Anaxes, after suspecting that a Separatist algorithm could in fact be Echo alive and well, after having previously been assumed dead at the Citadel. However, their victory was shortlived, as following the encounter, droid reinforcements arrived. In space, Fives, Hardcase, and Jesse successfully destroyed the supply ship, but not without the loss of Hardcase, who sacrificed his life so his brothers could live another day. However, the Umbarans counter attacked with Mobile Heavy Cannons, which missile launchers could not destroy. When the page matches the guidelines set in the regulations and format, this template may be removed. After his graduation from cadet training, he wore the normal clon… Echo and Fives, however, were the only ones left in the Domino Squad. Just like all the other clone troopers, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Captain Rex: Both of you showed valor out there, real courage. Despite his best efforts, Fives's description of his experiences were unable to convince any of the other members of the meeting of his belief of a conspiracy. Figure comEs complete with blaster. $42.00. Eventually, he arrived at the clone bar, 79's. It will feature Arc Trooper Fives, Echo, and Jesse in all of their Clone Wars glory. By blowing up the main reactor, they destroyed the ship. You are one of the last remaining non-clone captains in the GAR’s fleet. Copy embed to clipboard. After noticing a Separatist invasion fleet approaching the moon, Fives, Commander Cody, and Hevy located the armory and secured weaponry for the entire clone group and then left to defend against the new assault while the others rigged the base to explode using canisters of tibanna gas. CT-5555 (short for CT-27-5555), and later referred to as ARC-5555, was an Advanced Recon Commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. His hairstyle was the standard crew cut and he had the number five tattooed in Aurebesh to the top right of his forehead. Fives and Hardcase were able to enter the base undetected, commandeer two enemy starfighters, and secure a victory. Fives was a trainee on Kamino to become a soldier. Rex followed suit, and as the shuttle left the hangar, they shot their cables and flew with it. As one of only two survivors, Fives was recruited into the 501st Legion. When Order 66 was declared, Rex was unable to resist its programming, but told Ahsoka Tano to "find Fives" before he attempted to kill her. As such, they did not turn against the Jedi unlike the rest of the clone army that went on to serve the Galactic Empire. Assigned to the Rishi moon, the clones were charged with protecting and operating a Republic listening post. Fox ordered Fives to surrender but Fives took Rex's blaster pistol and aimed at Fox, a gesture Fox felt as hostility and fired. Died However, the battle ended in grief; 99 died trying to retrieve grenades and ammo for his brothers. [14] His armor didn't change much when he switched to phase 2 armor, except his helmet was changed. The log allowed her to incapacitate Rex, and successfully scan for and remove his chip. The Bad Batch–class. While Nala Se insisted that the chip was designed to curb aggression among clones, Fives argued that the chip itself was reason for suspicion. Fives went to Lola Sayu after he was promoted to being an ARC Trooper. Over $100.00 - apply Price filter. The medical droid gave him an injection to sustain him, and Fives and the others with him talked outside of the room. He served as a member of the 501st Legion throughout the war until his discovery of the Order 66 conspiracy and meeting a tragic end on Coruscant. Born on Kamino, Echo was originally identified as CT-21-0408, a cadet of the Domino Squad along with his friend Fives, before he graduated into the Republic army. His words convinced Shaak Ti and she requested that Fives be sent to Coruscant to undergo further tests and to plead his case to the Supreme Chancellor. In his place, the venerated Jedi General Pong Krell was assigned as the temporary leader of the 501st. Around 20 BBY the 501st Legion along with Doom's Unit was shipped out to the planet Ringo Vinda. He quickly grew suspicious of the care afforded to Tup, and began to suspect the Kaminoans of possessing an ulterior motive. Fives' and Jesse's execution was to be delayed because Krell had received a transmission about enemy guerrillas hiding in the forests. However, while rushing to get grenades, 99 was shot in the back twice, killing him. so many clone helmets, so much cool style. Als Rekrut trug Fives die Nummer CT-27-5555 bzw. The fall of the Republic is the intersection of many tragedies: Palpatine’s ascendance, Anakin Skywalker’s fall, Ahsoka Tano’s split from the Jedi Order. Their training was overseen by bounty hunters Bric and El-Les, and Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Clone Wars Arc Trooper Fives Wearable Armor 3D Model STL Add to Favorites Click to zoom AndromedaPrint3D 1,668 sales 1,668 sales | 5 out of 5 stars. [3], To Fives' surprise, both Skywalker and Rex appeared at his requested meeting spot. Shortly thereafter, the clones managed to dispatch the remaining droids. Hevy, Fives, and Echo stared in disbelief as to the death of their brother. With Krell dead and the Umbarans subdued, Fives left the shadowy planet with shaken faith in his place in the Republic's war effort, asking Rex, "What's the point of all this?"[16]. They took three Umbaran starfighters and flew into the giant supply ship, avoiding damage because the enemy thought they were Umbarans. [23] He developed a particularly close bond with Echo,[5] which continued after he was the only other member of his squad to survive the Rishi moon. A meteor shower rained down over the station, with Fives notifying O'Niner. Fives retreated from the Chancellor and ended up at 79's, a bar known as a "clone bar". He spent his first 10 or so years on Kamino, receiving military training with the rest of his squad. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fives continues to push for answers regarding the mystery of the clone contamination, but is framed for attempting to kill Chancellor Palpatine. fives. Fives began his life as an eager and relatively complacent member of the Grand Army of the Republic. As General Grievous and Ventress advanced further into the heart of Kamino in the search of genetic samples of the Republic's clone army, the group was found by Captain Rex and Commander Cody at the cadet barracks. Originally a clone cadet during the early phase of the pan-galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, Fives completed his training on Kamino and attained the rank of trooper alongside his teammates in Domino Squad. He also had Twin DC-17 Blaster Pistols and a DC-15 Blaster Rifle, but they were not commonly seen in his hands. After sustaining a few more losses Fives and the team rescued the prisoners and retreated to their shuttle which fell under attack once the droids worked out their plan. Ti declined their request, and she revealed she had faith within Domino Squad and allowed the team to try the challenge one more time. In the base's tower, a furious Krell yelled at Fives and Jesse and arrested the clones with the intention of having them court-martialed.[15]. When a desperate Sobeck personally attacked the group, Fives was able to shoot him down from his STAP, allowing for his eventual death at the hands of Ahsoka. However, he only angered Krell further. A God amongst Clones Want to get videos early and more? Fives sported a tattoo on his right temple of the number "5" in accordance to his nickname and clone number designation.[3]. [4] From the start, Fives demonstrated a strong ability to empathize and care for his fellow clones,[5] as well as the trait of being a survivor. The cadets were given a test and to pass it, all cadets must successfully work as a team without any injuries. However, once they escape and broke out the vents, Cutup was devoured by a Rishi Eel. The cadets were separated from their main group, who were taking them to the barracks. Fives was a "shiny" due to him just getting his armor. Further investigation revealed that the chip itself was installed during the earliest stages of clone embryo development.