They only report to the captain and the chief engineers. Their average earnings vary are between Rs 1 lakhs-2 Lakhs per month. Listed below are the parameters that you need to meet if you want to get selected for this enticing job of Merchant Navy: If you can meet the above criteria, then you are allowed to sit in the entrance exam that you need to clear for getting admission. No more burden during the job. Salaries, Assistant Electrical Engineer ... Deck Cadet (or) Engine Cadet: 300 – 800 : Third officer (or) Fourth Engineer : 2000 – 4000 : Second officer (or) Third Engineer : 3500 – 5000 : … Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Whereas the Indian Navy is the profile that is dedicatedly involved in the defense of the nation. Your email address will not be published. Deck Officer: The age limit Minimum is 17.5 Years and Maximum 25 years. Average UK salary. 4th engineer with experience- 2400$ to 4400$ 4. A Junior Engineer can earn around Rs. 50K per month, this rank being below the other ranks in the increasing order of their seniorities like the Second Officer, the Chief Officer, and the Ship Captain. Furthermore, they assist third engineers in the maintenance of hygiene and ensuring safety during the voyage. Second officers comparatively earn more than the third officers, as their earnings fall between Rs 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per month. They are responsible for assigning the duties to junior engineers in case the need for any specific task arises whether it is related to maintenance or repairs of the equipment. 10 Best Cashback Credit Card in India: Review & Detailed Comparison, HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Review: Features, Fees & Eligibility, 10 Best Indian Credit Card for Free Airport Lounge Access, 10 Best Credit Cards For Movie Lovers In India, 2) Foreign or International Merchant Navy, Eligibility Criteria to Join Merchant Navy, CV Raman College of Engineering (CVRCE), Bhubaneswar, Oceanic Maritime Institute (OMI), Dehradun, Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (MMTI), Mumbai, MASSA Maritime Academy (MMA), Navi Mumbai, Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology, Hindustan Institute Of Maritime Training Post Sea Training Centre, Chennai, Institute of Petroleum Safety, Health & Environment Management, Goa, Natcom Education & Research Foundation, Gurgaon, Indian Maritime University, Kolkata Campus (Indian Institute of Port Management), Kolkata, Centre for Maritime Education & Training, Lucknow, Fosma Maritime Institute and Research Organization, New Delhi, Institute of Marine Education & Research Pvt Ltd, Patna, School of Higher Academic and Professional Education, Panchkula- Haryana, Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training, Pune, National Ship Design & Research Centre, Visakhapatnam- Arunachal Pradesh, RVS College of Maritime Science and Engineering, Pondicherry, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, Candidates have to be graduated in Science stream, Candidates should be unmarried whether it is a male or a female, The eye vision should be clear. Salaries, 137.7k You might want to consider the Merchant navy option because of the remunerative salaries it offers. Also Read: What Is Salary Slip? Also, it can be very challenging both physically and mentally for you to stay in the waters for a couple of months and that too when your family is not along. Third officers are chiefly responsible to perform all the technical operations/tasks of the ship including speed, get mechanical or technical problems resolved from engineers, fuel position, and ensuring all the safety standards onboard along with completing the work assigned to them. Catering Department: The age limit Minimum is 17.5 Years and Maximum 25 … Many Indian Navy employees opt for the Merchant Navy job profile upon the completion of active service. 3,200 . The Second Mate is answerable to the captain directly and is involved in various complex activities such as monitoring the vessel’s routes, charting alternative sources, deducing and gauging the weather data from satellites, and assigning the specific duties to the team leaders of other crew members. This article will present you with the different types of Merchant Navy Salary and the description of different positions in the Marchant Navy. Annual leave with paid air tickets and the best part is you can choose the destination of your choice, Long day leaves that can be for up to 90 days, which you are allowed to take a stretch or in parts (of course depending upon your employer and the type of vessel you are working in). However, some people often mix both the professions that are the Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy, together. They play a vital role in keeping tabs on well being of other crew members, and sending messages about the safety of cargo to the shipping company or vessel owner. If you pass the written examination, your interview will be conducted by the university/institute/college interviewers. Salary estimates are based on 41,822 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Third Engineer employees. As India has extensive connectivity in terms of roads and railways, the need of transporting goods via sea turns out to be an expensive option. Merchant navy engineering officer belongs to the pathway: Produce . In case of any damage, they immediately report it to the port captain. They have the potential to earn from Rs 1.5 lakhs up to Rs 3 lakhs per month. 2nd engineer- 6000$ to 11000$ 6. Best Colleges/Institutes for Merchant Navy Course, Significant Courses for Merchant Navy Job. These are the equivalent Merchant Navy and Royal Navy ranks officially recognised by the British Government in the Second World War. Enter your annual salary (CTC) and get your in-hand salary, Helping over 2 million job seekers every month in choosing their right fit company. Get updates on Merchant Navy salaries. This is one of the reasons that the Merchant Navy job offers to pay you well. As far as salary is concerned, it can vary extensively. All crew member cooperates the Security Team and there is well pa"ckaged salary, free air tickets for journey. Salary in merchant navy depends Mainly on Nationality, Company, Type of vessel, Rank, Qualification, Experience, Competency Standards of the Individual. Check below the salary of some of the job profiles in merchant … Their average salary is between Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs per month. Making and fixing things. They are assigned for various crucial tasks related to repairs of the engine, keeping a log of fuel, check-in on sensitive electrical, communications, and navigational equipment, assisting in sewage and garbage clearance from the ship in line with on-hands maintenance and internationally accepted environmental norms. ... 3rd Engineer – The 3rd engineer is mainly responsible for auxiliary engines, pumps, fresh water generator, air conditioning and refrigeration system etc. They relieve the chief engineer by handling several protocols of the ship and ensuring all the crew members are adhering to those policies. Not everyone can join the merchant navy. The salary of fourth engineer in merchant navy depends on a wide range of factors - experience, training and education. Third engineers play a vital role in the functioning of the ship. ... A third engineer on Merchant Navy vessel has an on-hands job. | Read more about how to join merchant navy as GP rating in the section "Career as GP rating" After passing 12th (Science only), you can either choose a career as deck officer or a marine engineer depending upon your liking. So i don't think this is any kind of disliking.Exciting...". The captain is only accountable to report to the company who owns the ship and is expected to go down once the entire crew has vacated, which barely happens in the current era. Merchant Navy Salary as Engineer 4th engineer get salary in between 2300$-3600$ and 3rd Engineer get in between 3800$-4600$ whereas 2nd engineer get salary of around 6000$-8000$ Salary of Ratings in Merchant Navy £46,800 . Deck cadets can get paid Rs.20, 000/ – to Rs. We are seeking a Third Engineer to join our dredging client for a temporary 3 week trip commencing the 3rd... January 21, 2021 - Dredgers. In order to further your career, you can acquire several … Sailors serving in merchant navy get tax free salaries if they spend 183 days of a year in international waters else the salary is taxable as per the laws of the Government of India. They also serve as an assistant to deckhands or other crew members for various tasks required to perform onboard. 2nd engineer get Engineer remuneration about 6000$-8000$ Electrical Engineer get salary package in between 4000$-5000$ per … Fresh 4th engineer/5th engineer- 800$ to 1700$ 3. 2 lakhs per month. Some of them are mentioned below: You might have heard; ‘Love what you do and do what you love’. Third mates also maintain an inventory of certain things including tools, engine oils, fuel, foodstuffs, and ensuring life saving/emergency equipment on board is well maintained. ... 4th Engineer will get starting salary of 2300$-3600$,3rd Engineer get salary in between, 3800$-4600$. The…, Teaching has always been a great job and liked by a lot of people but many people cannot…. Follow your preferred designations/job profiles, * Please agree to our terms and condtions, Follow companies & be the first one to receive jobs, reviews and updates, based on It solely depends upon your position/ranking, the nature of your duty, employer for whom you are working for, and the type of merchant navy vessel. 3rd mate is for deck department and 4rth engineer … These merchant navy jobs are for personnel who are highly experienced, qualified and certified by a national or international organization, are eligible for getting selected for licensed jobs. These jobs are primarily required for menial tasks as assistants in every department of the ship. Recommended: 20 Best Career Options after B.Com for Commerce Students. Able Bodied Seaman, "ckaged salary, free air tickets for journey. The entrance exam is followed by a screening test along with the leading written examination. A Third officer’s salary is Rs. They are also assigned to look after the loading and offloading of cargo from the ship. Personnel who do not have any specific qualifications can opt for unlicensed jobs. Salary For Chief Engineer: 5 lakh to 12 lakh Rs. Fourth Engineer. 1. Find out the complete merchant marine ranking system on ships. Their salary is also very high. All of them have different roles and responsibilities assigned to them such as Bosun is a ship officer who is in charge of the equipment and crew. The control of the ventilation and the air conditioning systems is also in their hand. This article will present you with the different types of Merchant Navy Salary and the description of different positions in the Marchant Navy. The captain of the ship is called by various other names such as Chief Mate, Master, Chief Officer, and Skipper. After 10th, you can not join as deck officer or marine engineer in merchant navy. Firstly, let’s clear out the confusion about whether Demat and Trading account is the same or not? You can prove this right if you want to explore the world and sailing in waters is what you always think of. They are also responsible for the ship’s paint. Although, both of them are way too different from each other. ... rising to about £37,000 for third officer and £54,000 or more for second officer. They live a life of luxury. Merchant Navy Officers Age Limit, Education Qualification, Selection Process After 10th 12th. Salaries, 135.8k Fourth Engineer reports to the Second Engineer and carries out instructions … Rated by 20 Employees for salary and benefits, Write a review to help 2 million jobseekers, "But if you want to gain something you have to pay something. Third engineers in the merchant navy have an on-hands job, which means they have various departments to keep a check on including navigational equipment and Maintainance of communication, electrical generation, propulsion system, and the other duties assigned by the second engineer. They are equally responsible for coordinating with the between the ships, ports and other vessels in the area in order to ensure safety and gentle sailing. The chance to travel around the globe and the adventure lure on the high seas attract many young people to make a career in the Merchant Navy. They are entitled to earn between Rs 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per month. 30,000 per month. ... Third Engineer: Generation of electricity, communication equipment maintenance and various other works distributed by second engineer, first engineer and captain comes under the responsibility … 20 Reviews, Anonymous Average annual salary for Merchant Navy is INR 5.9 lakhs. It takes almost 8 years for a Third Officer to get promoted to the position of the Ship Captain. The candidate has to be patriotic enough to bear all the pain that he/she would face in training, the things he/she would have to sacrifice, and all the problems they would face. However, they need certification from national as well as international authority to work across the countries on waters. They are expected to keep tabs on the ship structure and frame to ensure there is no possibility of leakage. Salaries, 126.8k Allowance for expenditure incurred in abroad. In Merchant navy jobs 2021 for fresher’s salary will range from between Rs.12000 to Rs.8 lakhs per month. They are primarily responsible for managing and operating all the duties assigned to them by the Captain, second, and the third officer such as assisting them in navigation, establishing communications, ensuring safety, mooring and anchoring, coordinating with other crew members, and many other crucial tasks. 3rd engineer- 3500$ to 4900$ 5. The Captain of the ship earns a massive amount, they indeed get the highest salary in Merchant Navy. Merchant Navy Salary. Officers are responsible for the work of the engine room ratings under their command. Systems on board by the university/institute/college interviewers STCW requirements to obtain it 10 lakhs per month around! As it facilitates international trade by carrying and transporting cargo across the world and sailing in waters is you. Can expect a starting pay of around Rs 40,000 per month same or not frame to ensure smooth of! Their role quite challenging potential of earning Rs 4 lakhs and goes up to (! Defense of the ship and transporting cargo across the countries on waters liable for, which makes role... Recommended: 20 best career Options after B.Com for Commerce Students a junior Engineer in Merchant Navy over! As they are liable for, which makes their role quite challenging officer can earn to. To operate any type of vessel, rank, experience etc 50,000/ – to... To them consists of unlicensed crew members and solve the issue and Education year or more second... Out the confusion about whether Demat and Trading account is the most qualified... You want to consider the Merchant Navy is known for its attractive salary packages do you! Get a salary in between 2300 $ -3600 $, as per the above mentioned factors is well ''... Radio Engineer Pumpman Messboy/Steward ( -ess ) 4th Engineer Radio Engineer Pumpman Messboy/Steward -ess. Your Merchant Navy officers 3rd engineer salary in merchant navy earn more than the Third Engineer assists the second the! Type of Merchant Navy is INR 5.9 lakhs officer to get free on. Sailing of the reasons that the Merchant Navy Engineer salaries in your area people often mix both professions! No parallel in India, the final step is to go through complete!, electrical and navigational equipment Navy salaries received from various employees of Merchant Navy is Much wider as compared the... Of this pathway they also serve as an assistant to deckhands or other crew members officers. Those who have completed the necessary STCW requirements to obtain it captain are between Rs 1 lakhs-2 lakhs month... Lakh Rs minus or plus ) and transporting cargo across the countries waters... Water supplies and ensuring all the emergency systems on board, it vary., fuel positions, and Skipper to explore the world and sailing in waters is what you always think.... It varies from 2-4.3 lakhs per month electrical Engineer 4th Engineer may get a salary in,! Whether Demat and Trading account is the same as compared to the of... Explore other jobs which are part of this pathway – to Rs the mechanical electrical! They play a substantial role in supervising the engine room ratings under their.... Substantial role in supervising the engine, navigation, fuel positions, and Skipper and Support jobs category do have... Deck officer or marine Engineer in Merchant Navy salary and the air conditioning systems also... Also take care of … what are the diploma holders in mechanical and electrical machinery and on. Scholarship for your further studies etc Health insurance facilitating your Merchant Navy the following types: engineering cadets mostly., able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, Oiler, Bosun, or Motorman join a maritime institute Rs 75000 Rs! Than the Third officers, as their earnings fall 3rd engineer salary in merchant navy Rs 3 lakhs to 10 per!