Get great fishing tips, travel inspiration, and fun facts straight to your inbox, once a week, every week. Boats. Gas drilling increased by 16 rigs to 773. Last but not least is. Boats. The rig experienced an explosion Tuesday night. Latest. This is a change of -5.88% from last week and -23.81% from one year ago. Fishing the Gulf of Mexico’s Islands of Steel. Always a favorite, this rig has produced several winning fish in the Poco Bueno Tournament, one of the top big-money tournaments in the Gulf. How To. The Gulf of Mexico offers some of the most diverse angling opportunities found anywhere in the world. Get our Mississippi fishing spots for offshore fishing in the Gulf. Pirates attacked and plundered an oil rig last Sunday in the Gulf of Mexico, locking up the crew while they looked for loot. Always a favorite, this rig has produced several winning fish in the Poco Bueno Tournament, one of the top big-money tournaments in the Gulf. Our staff is made up of the most experienced... READ MORE, Order your Subscription to the best Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine! Use these techniques to catch big blue marlin in the central Gulf of Mexico. In the weeks since the accident occurred, the oil slick has periodically drifted northeast toward the Mississippi Delta and reached the Chandeleur Islands. Copyright © 2017 Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine. 2021 Boat Buyers Guide: Flats/Skiffs. In 1999, the company constructed Marlin, a three-well TLP, with additional subsea tiebacks. Rig utilization for all Gulf of Mexico MODUs is down that far or further for many companies (See accompanying utilization table). About 25 miles north of Hoover/Diana are Boomvang and Nansen, twin rigs separated by about 8 miles. Bluewater fishermen take advantage of deepwater rigs for catching bait and large gamefish that are attracted to the habitat these "islands of steel" provide. An April 20 drilling rig explosion claimed the lives of 11 workers, and the rig's subsequent collapse unleashed a major oil spill that threatens the US Gulf of Mexico ecosystems and economy. About 25 miles north of Hoover/Diana are Boomvang and Nansen, twin rigs separated by about 8 miles. Total Gulf of Mexico Rig Count is at a current level of 16.00, down from 17.00 last week and down from 21.00 one year ago. Atlas provides informational material synthesizing the analysis of the individual maps within the atlas. Jan 9, 2021 - Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs Poster is a photograph by Bradford Martin which was uploaded on September 14th, 2012. is another spar located in almost 5000 ft. of water, nearly equidistant between Port O'Connor and Freeport. JOB LOCATION: Oil Rigs (Various Locations throughout Gulf of Mexico) START DATE: Immediate PAY: $300-$400 per day(1) Employment Type: Part-Time Contractor (1) Pay rate will be determined by the Candidate’s experience and competitiveness relative to other qualified applicants End-client is a US Oil and Gas Company seeking armed security professionals to secure oil rig platforms […] Other floating rigs are more permanent in nature and are attached to the seafloor with flexible connectors and chains. Nine people working on a Shell oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico have been airlifted for medical treatment for the coronavirus. Energy XXI, Houston, reported in a Jan. 7 operations update that it will plug and abandon its Merlin well on Vermilion Block 179 in the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico expenses associated with the oil rig explosion could eventually cost BP more than $3 billion. What information do we collect? Ocean Energy holds the remaining 50% interest in the Nansen field. Gulf of Mexico ERMA® integrates key information to support environmental and severe-weather responses like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. A 350-ft jackup rig working in 350 ft water depths might fetch $25,000; in 300 ft, $16,000-17,000; and a jackup working in 250 ft water depths might get $13,000 a day. LONDON — BP agreed on Monday to sell a stake in a group of oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico to the Plains Exploration and Production Company of Houston for about $5.6 billion. Used in very deep water, these structures attract schools of tuna, billfish, dolphin and wahoo, as well as many species of bait fish. The SKS Satilla began taking on water March 8 after being holed by the wayward rig Ensco 74 in the Gulf of Mexico about 65 miles south of Galveston, Texas. I blew up my BC and hauled ass for the surface, at 200’ I passed David, who saw what was going on and tried to keep an eye on me. From either port the run is about 125 miles. Marlin Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Anadarko Petroleum operates the field with a 35% working interest. ... when the semi-submersible drilling rig Ocean Victory drilled to 14,600ft and encountered nearly 300ft of pay from four Miocene intervals. All of these structures can provide great fishing and have enhanced the bluewater fishing in our waters for years.At the moment some of the most popular rigs along the coast are a type known as a "spar." This website is a real asset to the bluewater fisherman and the information will help you save time, money and catch more fish.To find out more about fishing at the rigs, visit us at our Fox Yacht Sales office at Tops-N-Towersor see us at the Houston Fishing Show, March 3-7, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Always a favorite, this rig has produced several winning fish in the, , one of the top big-money tournaments in the Gulf. However, the company has shared that, post 3Q reporting period, it managed to secure contracts for two drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and one rig contract extension in Norway. Deepwater drop-offs, oil and natural gas production platforms and even the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River all provide plenty of shots at a wide variety of pelagics including blue and white marlin, sailfish and swordfish. Co-owners include Plains Exploration & Production Company (23.3%), Exxon Mobil Corporation (15%), Apache Deepwater (11.7%), Petrobras (9.6%) and Eni Petroleum (5.4%). Updated on Jan 23, 2020 | < 1 minute read | Written by Albert . Choosing the … Oil Platform Explodes in the Gulf of Mexico Four people killed and dozens injured when a ball of fire erupts on off-shore oil platform. There are over 4000 platforms in the gulf waters, mainly off Texas and Louisiana. The number of drilling rigs in the Gulf is down by three, from 22 to 19, compared to last year, according to the Baker Hughes rig count of Dec. 15, 2017.