The following are a few high-profile sites that use the Drupal platform.

Fast Company, a business/technology magazine with over 200,000 pages.

AOL used Drupal in a few projects, including their corporate information website.

Popular Science has been covering science and technology news since 1837. The site has been up since 1999 and was recently re-developed to switch to the Drupal platform. Over 60,000 pages.

Yahoo is another big user, with Drupal sites like Yahoo! Research.

Many universities use Drupal, including Harvard with its Science and Engineering branch, and Standford's Humanities Center.

It is not a big surprise that educational institutions use Drupal, if it is good enough for NASA.

Many celebrities use Drupal for their sites, including Eric Clapton, Jennifer LopezAvril Lavigne and Britney Spears.

Drupal has no preferences – far from the entertainment industry, Greenpeace UK relaunched using Drupal to join another user, Amnesty International, while the United Nations uses Drupal to help End Poverty and Fight Hunger.

We also see Drupal being used by the media. Three examples are Lifetime, Fox Searchlight and The Onion.

Technology professionals also use Drupal, such as Eclipse, the Open Source Initiative, Ubuntu, and Novell. Even competing web technologies often resort to using Drupal, as is the case with the Java Technology Collaboration site.