AWM is a small Chicago-based web development and online marketing company that specializes in building a successful online presence for businesses of all sizes using open-source technologies.


We are a Drupal-oriented web development company. We build and support all sorts of sites using Drupal, mostly advanced functionality and customization.

We are the partner of choice for several national and international development shops that use our services to offload their most difficult Drupal tasks. We are used to delivering above and beyond - that's why our clients and partners lean on us when the specs get tougher and the timelines get shorter.

Big Projects Made Small

That's not to say we focus exclusively on the most demanding tasks. An important aspect of our work focuses on making life easier for small businesses and start-ups. Our dedicated project manager will make even the most complex of projects seem simple. We deliver at the highest of quality and guarantee all of our work to be 100% defect free.

How We Do It

Easy Project Management

We have perfected the art of software project management, over hundreds of projects, and under ever-changing requirements. We engineered our custom online platforms to manage everything from small tasks to complex strategy. We offer closed social environments where teams of developers, stakeholders and executives can communicate effectively about the things that matter to each of them, and see the project from their own individual perspectives.

Effective Remote Work

In today's fast moving world we have to find talent where it lives, and solve business problems where they take root. Being excellent at managing distributed teams is the key to building amazing software solutions effectively, stress-free, and under contained budgets.

Total Dedication to Each Project

"Remote" doesn't mean impersonal. In fact, as a small company we pride ourselves in committing wholeheartedly to every project. One of our highly experienced executives will be a direct point of contact for your project, and will answer for every part of the work, and oversee every task delivered.

Senior Engineers

Another point that sets us apart is our advanced skill level. As a company philosophy set by our founders, Avenue Web Media specializes in projects of high complexity, and thus every developer in the team is an advanced software developer with ample experience solving integrations, emerging APIs, and writing custom code.

Executive Team

As successful as our management portals are, what we enjoy the most is building relationships and making our clients happy. Our executive team is available to meet with you at your Chicago downtown offices, and set up regular phone or video calls at your convenience.

Jose Onate

CEO & Lead Developer

With two decades of web development experience using cutting-edge technology, and formally trained in software engineering, graphic design and advertising, Jose possesses a keen understanding of all aspects of web architecture and implementation.

Over the years Jose has led and participated in hundreds of web projects, including assignments for multi-national corporations and Fortune 500, as well as multi-million web-centric startups.

Alexis Kaniewski

Director of Services

With 15+ years of customer service and account management experience, Alexis played an integral part in shaping Avenue Web Media’s approach to building client relationships and leading process improvement.

Driven by her passion for client satisfaction, Alexis is a seasoned project manager and AWM’s head of quality assurance. She enjoys leading projects to completion, upholding quality standards, and breaking down the barriers of technology for her clients.

About the Company

Avenue Web Media is a Chicago-based web development and marketing company that prides itself on giving your business an edge over your competitors. We make sure that you are thrilled with your high quality, efficient site that conveys professionalism and helps your business grow.

Over a decade of extensive internet knowledge, combined with never-ending training and research, has resulted in a complete understanding of all the disciplines necessary to execute a successful website.

Our personalized service is the first thing that separates us from our competitors. We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure complete satisfaction with your finished website. We encourage all your questions along the way, even though you will find you won’t need to ask many. Even after your contract with us has been completed, you will always have access to our client center and able to contact us directly for continual support.

We make it easy. We specialize in un-complicating the web development process. We provide a business solution that will make sense to you, with none of the headache commonly attached to tech projects. Not only is working with us extremely simple, so will be the management of your site. Updating with new pictures or content was never easier, and we’ll be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Working with Avenue Web Media ensures you will receive the absolute best deal possible. Our prices are nearly half of most other professional companies, but our quality always exceeds what they offer. We encourage you to compare us with other companies so you will see for yourself that no one else comes close to giving you the best value for your money.

We’ve got everything covered, and by choosing us, you will receive a user-friendly, search-engine friendly, easy to manage, catchy website that you will be bragging about for years to come.