The Status Center provides a complete project overview in a single page in order to keep all members up to date with planning, progress and project needs. The status center is designed to look like a paper report so that it is easy to use for anyone affiliated with the project.

The project page includes: status overview, expectations for the week, overview of all tasks and milestones with completion percentage, files and resources, as well as important notes and comments.

We use this format for smaller projects for which we prefer to gather feedback and communicate using typical channels (email, phone, meetings.) The status center only collects the most important details and provides an accurate executive overview at all times.

Throughout the process our team works diligently and updates the status report regularly. Keep an eye on the timeline percentage. When the Total Percentage Completed reaches 100%, your project is done!

See a screenshot of a sample project

Note that depending of the needs of the project we may choose to use a more complete project management tool. The Status Center is an excellent way to track the project from an executive standpoint, but for detailed requirements, team communication, documentation, issues & bugs and so on we prefer tools such as our Group Development Center, based on the Open Atrium collaboration platform.